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How effective is infant carrying in developing secure attachment between mothers and children under 12 months

8 pgs. Double spaced paper Current APA format at least - 6 peer reviewed sources (Provided) Please read the 2 attached documents for information about the layout for the paper and information I need incorporated into the paper. I also uploaded an example of what the assignment needs to look like.
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My own deepest gratitude to my personal Ate Kristine and mother and father who support and encourage me to pursue my personal chosen course, to completely focus to my personal studies, for all their kind and inspiring feedback. My particular thanks head to my grandma, who have provided me superb moral help in my research and to each of our Almighty Our god, who have provided me spiritual support to complete this term conventional paper. I. INTRODUCTION Information technology (IT) ins probably one of the most significant developments in human history considering that the printing press. It has given rise to one of the most fascinating communications devices ever developed, the Internet.It includes come into our homes, our schools and our office buildings, tying all of us together in unprecedented ways. It is one of the important advancements in recent recollection. Information technology (IT) is the obtain, processing, safe-keeping..
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