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Describes the unique needs of gifted and talented students and English Language Learners

Description Students who operate on the highest learning levels often do not receive the teacher attention and direction in the classroom that they require to fulfill their academic potential. As well, English Language Learners are also a group whose needs are not met in a standardized, uniform way. For this assignment, write a 500 word essay (2-3 paragraphs) that describes the unique needs of gifted and talented students and English Language Learners. Include how a classroom teacher can meet the academic needs of these learners. Describe an activity that you could develop for these each group of: One for Gifted Students and One for ELLs. Specify the curriculum areas, grade levels and the NJCCCS that relates to the activity. Research videos or articles online that relate to meeting the needs of gifted and talented students and ELLs in the classroom, and include the links/web addresses of your resources. New Jersey curriculum- NJCCCS for Gifted and Talented Students and NJ Gifted and Talented School Pro: Please, choose and write the appropriate new jersey standarts- for kid in 2nd or 1st grade elementary school.
Description Students who operate on the highest learning levels often do not receive the teacher attention and direction in the classroom that they require to fulfill their academic potential. As well, English Language Learners are also a group whose needs are not met in a standardized, uniform way. For this assignment, write a 500 word essay (2-3 paragraphs) that describes the unique needs of gifted and talented students and English Language Learners. Include how a classroom teacher can meet the academic needs of these learners.
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