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Bahamian Society-External Influences ( North American, Caribbean, Global)

Form a Literature Review on the External Influences in Bahamian Society. Please use peer-reviewed articles and scholarly academic journals for the findings and references. some examples to use are Albury, P. (1975). The story of The Bahamas. London, UK: Macmillan Caribbean. Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (2000). Yinna. Vol. I. Nassau, Bahamas: Guanima. Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (2007). Yinna. Vol. II. Nassau, Bahamas: Guanima. Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (2011). Yinna. Vol. III. Nassau, Bahamas: Guanima. Barratt, P. (2002). Grand Bahama: A rich colourful history (3rd ed.). Freeport, Bahamas: IM Publishing. Bethel, N. (2008). Essays on life Vol. 1. Raleigh, NC: Lulu. Cleare, A. B. (2007). History of tourism in The Bahamas: A global perspective. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris. Collingwood, D., & Dodge, S. (1989). Modern Bahamian society. Parkersburg, IA: Caribbean Books. Craton, M., & Saunders, G. (1998). Islanders in the stream: A history of the Bahamian people. Vol. II. From the ending of slavery to the twenty-first century. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. Craton, M. (2002). Pindling: Life and times of the first prime minister of The Bahamas. London, UK: Macmillan Caribbean. Darling, C. (2002). Sir Clifford Darling: A Bahamian life story. The years of struggle 1922- 1958. Nassau, Bahamas: Sir Clifford Darling. Eneas, C. (2007). Bain Town. Nassau, Bahamas: Thoughtkatchers Enterprises. Holm, J., & Watts-Shilling, A. (1982). Dictionary of Bahamian English. Cold Springs, NY:
Form a Literature Review on the External Influences in Bahamian Society. Please use peer-reviewed articles and scholarly academic journals for the findings and references. some examples to use are Albury, P. (1975).
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