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Are college students too distracted by technology?

During this unit we will write a research paper. Like all our other papers, the research paper is an argument. This time, however, you are welcome to use any or all of the tools you have learned this semester (Aristotelian argument, Toulmin method, Rogerian argument, etc.) to craft your paper. You should also use research in the form of MLA style parenthetical citations accompanied by an MLA 8 Works Cited page tp support your argument. Must include the elements of the argument covered this semester Must have a clear thesis statement that shows your topic and your stance Must have strong support Support must include researched information Both direct quotes AND paraphrased quotes should be used within the paper Direct quotes must include an MLA style parenthetical citation Any indirect quotes used must also include an MLA style parenthetical citation Must have an MLA style Works Cited page as the last page of the paper Works Cited must be in MLA 8 format Must use a minimum of five (5) sources (more is fine, but less is not) Must be in MLA style Must meet writing expectations from the syllabus Must adhere to the Sweet 16 Rules of Writing Must avoid second person Must avoid contractions Must meet length requirements of minimum 1300 words Of your minimum five sources, two must be peer reviewed, scholarly articles Make sure your sources are not older than 10 years, so nothing published before 2008 Any direct or indirect quotations within the paper must be accompanied by an MLA style parenthetical citation An MLA 8 style Works Cited page as the last page of the essay Your essay will be graded on: MLA style presentation Writing expectations from the syllabus Essay unity, coherence, and support Clear thesis Use of the elements of argument discussed throughout the semester Clear organization Sentence skills Credibility and appropriateness of research MLA style parenthetical citations (use and format) MLA style Works cited page (use and format)
During this unit we will write a research paper. Like all our other papers, the research paper is an argument. This time, however, you are welcome to use any or all of the tools you have learned this semester (Aristotelian argument, Toulmin method, Rogerian argument, etc.) to craft your paper. You should also use research in the form of MLA style parenthetical citations accompanied by an MLA 8 Works Cited page tp support your argument.
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