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The Effects of Temperature and Hydrostatic Pressure on Metal Toxicity

1) Summarize the results and methods - Explain what they did and the results they got (2) Why did they do it - Place this research in the context of the larger goals and what is currently being done (3) What would you suggest that they do next - Give insightful suggestions about possible future experiments. They don't need to be groundbreaking, but something that is an incremental suggestion that shows no creativity won't get credit. Important points::::: Two pages maximum, going over will result in deductions going forward. - You must discuss the key fluid mechanics points of the paper. - You must at least outline the other key points of the paper. - Future uses of the technology should be relevant to the purpose of the fluid mechanics, and this relevance should be described. - Discuss both the methods and the results that came from those methods. - Don’t quote the paper unless absolutely necessary
1) Summarize the results and methods - Explain what they did and the results they got (2) Why did they do it - Place this research in the context of the larger goals and what is currently being done (3) What would you suggest that they do next - Give insightful suggestions about possible future experiments. They don't need to be groundbreaking, but something that is an incremental suggestion that shows no creativity won't get credit. Important points::::: Two pages maximum, going over will result in deductions going forward. - You must discuss the key fluid mechanics points of the paper.
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