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Did expansion of the United States westward after the Civil War “promote the general welfare”

I need an argumentative essay promt: Did expansion of the United States westward after the Civil War “promote the general welfare” or did expansion benefit the welfare of only a few people? it is important to use this book in order to make this essay: James L. Roark, et al., Understanding the American Promise, 3rd ed., MacMillan, 2017. LaunchPad Format. ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06384-9. use the chapters that I upload for you, from there you will have to get the evidence. also, the instructions are in essay expectations document. souces need to be cited in chicago.
I need an argumentative essay promt: Did expansion of the United States westward after the Civil War “promote the general welfare” or did expansion benefit the welfare of only a few people? it is important to use this book in order to make this essay: James L. Roark, et al., Understanding the American Promise, 3rd ed., MacMillan, 2017. LaunchPad Format.
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Need 3500 words excluding citations; use Social Construction of Technology [SCOT] model; Are there reasons to think these technologies have a deterministic impact on society that we might challenge through SCOT theory? Do these technologies reflect a wider system of industries surrounding their creation and distribution with certain effects on users..
THIS IS WHAT THE ASSIGNMENT ASKS FOR.... A GOOD PERSONAL RESPONSE: Thoughtful response to the readings include questions of all kinds. (I don't understand X, because...., When the author says Y, what does she mean, because on page 38, she said...., in my church, we think of Idea X as THIS (explain), but in the past people thought of it as X, Can anyone explain more..
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SOCIAL PROBLEMSSOCI 20223.035County Reports –Assignment InstructionsResearch a county in Texas and create reportsto submit in class. In each report, students should include a full rundown of statistical information associated with the specific report topic. Use the textbook chapter information as a guideline for what to include in your report.Reports..

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