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Exploitation – Strippers v. Prostitutes with Prompts read the assignments attached and answer the questions below This is a closed universe discussion. Please do not include any personal stories regarding your experiences with stripping, prostitution or the porn industry, unless they are supported by a value adding resource/citation. This conversation can easily find itself in the gutter and that is exactly where it should not go. Your research posts should be focused on exploitation.* Strip Club Economics.docxPreview the document View in a new window How is a Street Prostitute like a Department Store Santa.docxPreview the document View in a new window 1. What is exploitation? How is one exploited? 2. Describe all stakeholders in both readings whom are exploiting others and/or begin exploited. Describe the nature of the exploitation whether it be of a sexual nature, economic, socio-economic etc. (There is a level of exploitation inherent in both systems discover and unravel them) Provide examples from the readings. 3. What role does consent play in being exploited? How many of the parties involved genuinely have a choice, given their level of education, socio-economic status, opportunity to develop as human beings, etc. Provide examples from the readings. 4. Exploitation involves, in many ways, disrespect and a level on indignity for those taking advantage of. Describe how relevant stakeholders are experiencing this level of exploitation. 5. With the understanding that people ought to be allowed to make their own decisions, is there an argument in outlawing prostitution and/or stripping for what it does to those within the system? Should we ban these lines of work and help provide other opportunities for women? Are there exceptions?
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