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Duration of Resuscitation Efforts and Functional Outcome

A trait of any health care professional is to be familiar with the research process of the medical sciences and to be a good consumer of the scientific literature. To this end, we will review some articles that are relevant to prehospital resuscitation care. Some of the articles may be classic articles whereas others will be recently published. Regardless of their nature, each article was selected for its instructional value. Please read the articles well in advance and actively critique them on methods, findings, and application to prehospital. You must thoroughly summarize the provided article, review the literature and provide a critique of how it impacts pre-hospital medicine/providers.
A trait of any health care professional is to be familiar with the research process of the medical sciences and to be a good consumer of the scientific literature. To this end, we will review some articles that are relevant to prehospital resuscitation care. Some of the articles may be classic articles whereas others will be recently published. Regardless of their nature, each article was selected for its instructional value.
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A trait of any health care professional is to be familiar with the research process of the medical sciences and to be a good consumer of the scientific literature. To this end, we will review some articles that are relevant to prehospital resuscitation care. Some of the articles may be classic articles whereas others will be recently published. Regardless of..
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