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A Proposal for a project involving research on African art

Students will undertaking a creative project involving research on African art. The topic will need to be cleared with me before proceeding. A bibliography is required. The project will involve the creation of an original work of art or a diagram, model, or other didactic tool based on African art. Along with the project, the student must turn in a (2000 word) essay describing the nature of the project, its intentions, discussion of relevant literature, and its relationship to African art (differences in media, scale, style; function and symbolism of original, etc.). A proposal for the project is due in advance, and should cover the following (in about 1000 words): • brief description of intended project ¥ brief discussion of relevant literature (for example, if your project is relating to shamanic themes in Southern San art, you need to discuss the literature on shamanism in San art) ¥ bibliography, in proper format (at least 5 academic sources)
Students will undertaking a creative project involving research on African art. The topic will need to be cleared with me before proceeding. A bibliography is required. The project will involve the creation of an original work of art or a diagram, model, or other didactic tool based on African art.
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