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Culture and idea history - Mesopotamia and Egypt - Baroque

Question 1. A. Describe characteristic features of 1) Ancient Greece and Rome 2) Middle Ages. B. Describe the impact of ancient times ideas in the Renaissance, as well as discuss the differences and similarities that existed between these epochs. Make a comparative analysis. C. In ancient times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance there were many distinguished artists, writers and other people who worked in the cultural. Choose a person from the respective period, discuss and analyze how the ideas of the period are visualized in their respective work. Put emphasis on their culture work and not so much on their childhood, upbringing etc. Question 2. A. Describe the ideas of rationalism and empiricism. B. Explain and discuss similarities and differences between these isms. Make a comparative analysis. C. Select one of the following epochs or periods, Mesopotamia and Egypt, Ancient, Middle Ages, Renaissance or Baroque. Examine the architecture's design and development for the period. Compare and analyze for any similarities and differences with the other epochs. Here you may need to use external sources to expand your text. Remember to critically review your sources.
Question 1. A. Describe characteristic features of 1) Ancient Greece and Rome 2) Middle Ages. B.
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