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Primary Source Analysis & Scholarly Article Review DUE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (EST)

*THIS IS 2 SEPARATE ASSIGNMENTS* The 1st assignment... a primary source analysis where you find two primary sources (any type for which there is an analysis worksheet) on Operation Valkyrie. For each primary source, you find create a separate entry that includes all of the following information: • The type of primary source (e.g. written document, cartoon, photograph, and so on). • Complete the worksheet in detail. • Write a narrative analysis of the primary source, using the information you collected on the worksheet • Explain how the item pertains to your topic Create a bibliographic entry (as you would include it in your bibliography) for the primary source in Chicago Humanities style The 2nd assignment...The Scholarly Article Review you have to go to my schools website and you will do a search of UMUC’s Databases for two (2) scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals on Operation Valkyrie please note that you must find articles which are available in full text on the UMUC library data bases* Once you find your articles, Read them and Write a review of both. The reviews must be at least 500 words EACH, in essay format, with paragraphs, correct grammar and complete sentences. It may contain first person statements, but it must also contain scholarly remarks and observations formed by reading your text. If you disagree with the article, please state your opinion respectfully. Elaborate on all statements made and conclusions drawn by you the reviewer. Cite specific examples to back up your claim.
*THIS IS 2 SEPARATE ASSIGNMENTS* The 1st assignment... a primary source analysis where you find two primary sources (any type for which there is an analysis worksheet) on Operation Valkyrie. For each primary source, you find create a separate entry that includes all of the following information: • The type of primary source (e.g. written document, cartoon, photograph, and so on).
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