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Substance abuse and mental health services administration SAMHSA

MY GROUP MEMBERS ARE WORKING ON ALL EXCEPT NO 5. THE ONLY NUMBER YOU SHOULD WORK ON IS NUMBER 5. I NEED FOUR OR 5 SLIDES ON (SAMHSA) substance abuse and mental health services administration 1 Identify the name, mission, vision (when applicable), size, and brief history of the public health organization. ) •2 If it is part of a large organization (as the National Institutes of Health are a part of the Department of Health and Human services), provide context as to where it fits in the larger organization. Compare the total number of employees of both organizations. Examine and describing funding amounts and sources. 3 Describe how the entity is organized. Include a desсrіption of the sub-agencies and their role within the larger organization and identify key leaders at each level. What competencies might these leaders need to be successful? 4 Describe how this organization has an impact on public health. What role does it play in public health? Is its scope local, national, or global? What population does it impact or address? What services(s) does it provide? •5 Describe the achievements the organization has had in improving its target population. What has it done and how has it done it? 6 Describe what the organization still needs to do. What are its current goals? How does it propose to meet those goals? What role might this organization play in the US healthcare system in the future? 7 Summarize why this organization is important to public health
MY GROUP MEMBERS ARE WORKING ON ALL EXCEPT NO 5. THE ONLY NUMBER YOU SHOULD WORK ON IS NUMBER 5. I NEED FOUR OR 5 SLIDES ON (SAMHSA) substance abuse and mental health services administration 1 Identify the name, mission, vision (when applicable), size, and brief history of the public health organization. ) •2 If it is part of a large organization (as the National Institutes of Health are a part of the Department of Health and Human services), provide context as to where it fits in the larger organization.
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