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Rewriting Wikipedia using electronic resources WIKIPEDIA ESSAY

Select a site or an object or group of objects from our sessions so far (up to and including 8/9), such as Jōmon pottery, dōtaku bells, Haniwa sculptures, and the like, and see what you can find out using electronic resources. Use the Powerpoints (in the Files section on Canvas) as a reference for these images; you may also use Mason as a reference. Part I: Check each of the following methods, and consider the results: 1. Wikipedia: look up your topic on Wikipedia – what does it say? What are the sources shown here? 2. Google your topic, first using Read through a number of the websites – what do they tell you? What comes up first? How many pages? What kind of information can you deduce from the search itself and the materials you’ve received? 3. Now use other google resources: a) googlescholar and b) googlebooks How do these results differ? What more did you find out? 4. Check the following UC Davis Library resources: Library Catalogue + Articles Project MUSE JSTOR Subject Study Guides Are there any other databases or search engines that you can use on the library website? 5. Museums? Look at the Tokyo National Museum, the Kyoto National Museum, the Nara National Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boson . . . and any others you can find. 6. What else is out there? Look around! Part II: Write up your results in the form of a Wikipedia entry, using your own visual analysis and information that you have found about your object(s). Do not replicate a current Wikipedia article! Write for a general audience, but with awareness that many people will consider your short essay “authoritative” in the same way people approach Wikipedia, and write it as clearly and thoughtfully as possible. Keep your essay to about 3-4 pages, double-spaced. You may also reflect upon the kind and range of information that’s out there, what seems useful (and what isn't), and what you figured out from your study. Include: *Image of your object or site (attach separately, does not count toward page count) *Thorough analysis of the thing in question – your visual analysis *History, materials, etc., as important – as you’ve learned through your internet research *List of important and useful websites and brief summary of what they say *List of articles and essays you found through JSTOR, Project MUSE, etc.
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