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Final Lab Report (Example)

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 Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Drinking Water Quality Vanessa Richardson SCI 207: Our Dependence upon the Environment Instructor: Rebecca Gillaspy Date: 11/10/16 Table of Contents i. Abstract 2 1.0. Experiment 1: Drinking Water Quality 3 1.1. Introduction 3 1.2. Materials and Methods 4 1.3. Experiment Results 5 2.0. Discussion 7 i. Abstract Evidence-based studies from cases and lab reports have become multifaceted regarding water quality and contamination. Previous experiments have been focused on the best approach of dealing with inevitable contaminants that constantly invade the water supply. This lab report builds from these reports to assess how tap water could be affected by contaminants around. The report is premised on the fact that access to safe drinking water is not only depending on the quality of water at source but also on contamination from the source to the user. The thesis statement of the report the water. Apart from that bottled water should also have a standard mark of quality to ensure that it has been certified as fit for consumption by the public. Individuals should take responsibility and preserve water sources besides ensuring that they treat water before drinking to get rid of contaminants. References Gleick P. H. (2010). Bottled and sold: The story behind our obsession with bottled water. Washington DC: Island Press. Hawkins G. Potter E. & Race K. (2015). Plastic water: The social and material life of bottled water Mackey E. D. & AWWA Research Foundation. (2004). Consumer perceptions of tap water bottled water and filtration devices. London: IWA Pub. Whelton A. J. McMillan L. Connell M. Kelley K. M. Gill J. P. White K. D. ... & Novy C. (2015). Residential tap water contamination following the Freedom Industries chemical spill: Perceptions water quality and health impacts. Environmental science & technology 49(2) 813-823. [...]

Order Description:

You are required to write a complete laboratory report that covers the drinking water quality experiment from “Lab 2: Water Quality and Contamination,” using knowledge gained throughout the course. Use the instructor feedback on your Rough Draft from Week Three to guide your writing. Be sure to download the Final Lab Report Template and utilize this form (not the Rough Draft template) to ensure proper formatting and inclusion of all required material. Additionally, view the Sample Final Lab Report before beginning this assignment, which will illustrate what a Final Lab Report should look like. You must use at least two scholarly sources, two other highly credible sources, and your lab manual to support your points. The report must be six to ten pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, located within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course. The Final Lab Report must contain the following eight sections in this order: Title Page - This page must include the title of your report, your name, course name, instructor, and date submitted. Abstract - This section should provide a brief summary of the methods, results, and conclusions. It should allow the reader to see what was done, how it was done, and the results. It should not exceed 200 words and should be the last part written (although it should still appear right after the title page). Introduction - This section should include background information on water quality and an overview of why the experiment was conducted. It should first contain background information of similar studies previously conducted. This is accomplished by citing existing literature from similar experiments. Secondly, it should provide an objective or a reason why the experiment is being done. Why do we want to know the answer to the question we are asking? Finally, it should end the hypothesis from your Week Two experiment, and the reasoning behind your hypothesis. This hypothesis should not be adjusted to reflect the “right” answer. Simply place your previous hypothesis in the report here. You do not lose points for an inaccurate hypothesis; scientists often revise their hypotheses based on scientific evidence following the experiments. Materials and Methods - This section should provide a detailed description of the materials used in your experiment and how they were used. A step-by-step rundown of your experiment is necessary; however, it should be done in paragraph form, not in a list format. The description should be exact enough to allow for someone reading the report to replicate the experiment, however, it should be in your own words and not simply copied and pasted from the lab manual. Results - This section should include the data and observations from the experiment. All tables and graphs should be present in this section. In addition to the tables, you must describe the data in text; however, there should be no personal opinions or discussion outside of the results located within this area. Discussion - This section should interpret your data and provide conclusions. Discuss the meanings of your findings in this area. Was your hypothesis accepted or rejected, and how were you able to determine this? Did the results generate any future questions that might benefit from a new experiment? Were there any outside factors (i.e., temperature, contaminants, time of day) that affected your results? If so, how could you control for these in the future? Conclusions - This section should provide a brief summary of your work.

Subject Area: Environmental Sciences

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Final Lab Report

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