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Visual Representation of Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems You have looked at research and its use in early childhood education. You have also started discussing current trends. Let's look at what happens when the two meet. Given what is known about early childhood development and brain development, it is imperative to ensure that children have a solid foundation in the first years. Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems work to meet those needs and address current concerns and trends in the early childhood field. When state and community leaders, along with early childhood stakeholders, work together across sectors (Health, Early Care and Education, Family Support, etc.) they can serve children more effectively and efficiently. This type of ongoing collaboration creates a system that promotes shared results for children and families. Visit the Early Childhood Systems Working Group (ECSWG) on the Build Initiative's website. Download and read their Systems Planning Tool(Comprehensive Early Childhood System-Building: A Tool to Inform Discussion on Collaborative, Cross-Sector Planning) to explore how sectors can work together to improve services to children and their families. Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems Example Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant One example of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems is the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant Program. The Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems grant program started in 2007 through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Maternal and Child Health Division. Grantees use strategies to reduce toxic stress, increase early identification of developmental delays, or to increase child care quality by incorporating standards from Caring for Our Children, 3rd edition focused on the infant/toddler age group. The grant program sets out to create state teams to improve physical, social, and emotional development of infants and toddlers. It also works to eliminate disparities and to provide access to early childhood services through systems building. Through collaboration services to young children can be improved locally and at the state level. Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems encourage collaboration between primary care providers, teachers, families, and caregivers to provide seamless systems of care for young children. Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems bring together health care providers, social services, child care, and early childhood education programs to provide coordinated services that address physical, emotional, and social health. The systems aim to: • Increase access to health care. • Provide identification and supports for social, emotional, and behavioral risks. • Support quality early care and education experiences. • Provide parents and caregivers with a greater understanding of child development. • Support parents, families, and caregivers. Summing It Up By using research, early childhood educators can make sure current trends and financing address the needs of infants, toddlers, and their families in innovative and effective ways. Comprehensive early childhood systems is an important strategy for meeting those needs. ASSIGNMENT Visual Representation of Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems are an important tool to meet the needs of young children and their families while incorporating research and current trends. By bringing together early childhood stakeholder across sectors, children can be served more effectively and efficiently. The concept of a comprehensive early childhood system might be difficult to explain. In order to reinforce the concept and demonstrate your understanding, this assignment will allow you to give them a more comprehensive look by creating a visual representation to illustrate the idea. For this assignment: 1. Review the materials and links with information about Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems. 2. Demonstrate your understanding by creating an original 1-page visual representation (diagram, logic model, infographic, etc.) of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems. 3. At a minimum, this infographic should include: a. Cross-sector stakeholders involved b. Supports as a result of this system c. Expected outcomes d. Other components you feel are important The document can be created using a variety of Microsoft tools including: Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher. (If you would like to use a different tool, please discuss it with your instructor before proceeding.)
Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems You have looked at research and its use in early childhood education. You have also started discussing current trends. Let's look at what happens when the two meet. Given what is known about early childhood development and brain development, it is imperative to ensure that children have a solid foundation in the first years.
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