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SUBJECT AREA Computer Science
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CREATED ON 22nd November 2016
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Requirements • Preliminary title, tentative outline with clearly stated thesis, and preliminary APA formatted list of references (meeting minimum requirements) is due on the date shown on the course schedule. • Final paper is to be a minimum of six full pages of content, single-spaced, and professionally formatted. This does NOT include the title sheet, table of contents, reference pages, or any appendixes. • Title Page and Table of Contents (TOC) showing all section titles and page numbers (no page number on title page, “i” numbering for TOC page, content starting with Page 1 • APA Style to be used for in-text citations and references • 1” margins all around, standard font, 10,11, or 12 pt. • Minimum number of references 1. Research Paper option: minimum of 10 article references, 5 or more must be peer-reviewed. topic to be researched including the following(must talk about all of them) MIS+soical media+the last inventions(or, deveolpments) together... and on a seperate paper (main points to be present for the class about this paper)
Requirements • Preliminary title, tentative outline with clearly stated thesis, and preliminary APA formatted list of references (meeting minimum requirements) is due on the date shown on the course schedule. • Final paper is to be a minimum of six full pages of content, single-spaced, and professionally formatted. This does NOT include the title sheet, table of contents, reference pages, or any appendixes. • Title Page and Table of Contents (TOC) showing all section titles and page numbers (no page number on title page, “i” numbering for TOC page, content starting with Page 1 • APA Style to be used for in-text citations and references • 1” margins all around, standard font, 10,11, or 12 pt.
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