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UK Essay Psychology: Qualitative and Quantitive Methods

The topic of this essay is: ‘To achieve a full understanding of psychological phenomena, research should always use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.’ Discuss this claim using examples from chapters 1, 6 and 7 of Investigating Psychology. I need it by the 1st of September. I want good quality and plagiarism free. I need somebody with experience in this area, British speaker and you will have to use Harvard referencing. If you want a response from me, you have to state that you are able to write this essay in British English, you know how to use Harvard referencing and what experience you have in this area, without this I will ignore your offer. Thank you.
The topic of this essay is: ‘To achieve a full understanding of psychological phenomena, research should always use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.’ Discuss this claim using examples from chapters 1, 6 and 7 of Investigating Psychology. I need it by the 1st of September. I want good quality and plagiarism free. I need somebody with experience in this area, British speaker and you will have to use Harvard referencing.
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