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“A Social-Cognitive Exploration of Reactions to Leiby Kletzky’s Abduction and Homicide.

Taking into account the contribution of the different approaches to human behavior (cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology) we have covered in this course, summarize an explanation for each of the different characters’ (parents, Leiby, Aron) behaviors exhibited in the case study. -Describe the abnormal behaviors exhibited in the case study. Briefly explain why these behaviors are considered abnormal behaviors -Select three (3) of the comments that are in the last part of the case study and discuss which psychological approach is the commenter using to shape their opinions. Please explain why.
Taking into account the contribution of the different approaches to human behavior (cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology) we have covered in this course, summarize an explanation for each of the different characters’ (parents, Leiby, Aron) behaviors exhibited in the case study. -Describe the abnormal behaviors exhibited in the case study. Briefly explain why these behaviors are considered abnormal behaviors -Select three (3) of the comments that are in the last part of the case study and discuss which psychological approach is the commenter using to shape their opinions. Please explain why.
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