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Diversity in Education: Leadership, gender and diversity

Assignment is due no later than Thursday August 9, 2018. Diversity is a subject not easily defined for study. We can point to perceived differences between people and cultures; however, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, ignoring the effects of those differences in a given context. Additionally, such a focus often carries with it a sense of value-comparison and judgment in favor of one side versus the other. In the context of the field of education, the effects of diversity on individuals and the environment are almost impossible to ignore. The challenges of adopting a broad view of difference and creating an equitable learning experience for students across the board are many, and not easily met. However, the professional literature of the field is a rich resource of tools, research, and practical experience and application. For this assignment, you will review the literature related to diversity in the context of your particular focus and specialization, and choose one main diversity concern in the literature review section of your paper and include two additional diversity issues you may encounter for your literature review. We may consider differences across many criteria, including, but certainly not limited, to the following: Ethnicity. Ethnic identity. Gender. Gender identity. Culture. Ability and disability. Developmental criteria. Age and generation. For this assignment, you will be drawing on the skills you started building in the Unit 4 assignment. Similar to what you did previously, but focused now on the diversity-related challenges inherent to your specialization, you will research and review scholarly, peer-reviewed literature. Going one step farther, you will then choose and explain the main diversity challenge in your specialization, as suggested by your review. Note that you are writing a condensed literature review for this assignment. Reminder: Writing a literature review is a key part of academic work. A literature review is a piece of writing that describes what has been learned about a topic through previous research efforts. A literature review is essentially a report on work previously done in a field, to show an understanding of the context for your own writing. A literature review is not a summary of individual sources in a list, such as in the form of an annotated bibliography. Rather, the literature review paraphrases the findings from the scholarly readings you selected. You will seek the key themes from the different sources. You will use in-text citations to support the information that you learned from the scholarly readings. See section 6.11 of the APA manual, for additional detail on citing sources in text. Also refer to APA Style Central for guidance in using proper APA style. See the APA Style and Format section of the Writing Center for instructions on accessing and using APA Style Central. Assignment Instructions Before you begin your paper, examine the Diversity in Education Scoring Guide (linked in the Resources) to see the grading criteria for this assignment. Next, download the Sample Course Paper Template and the Unit 7 Writing Revision Matrix. Use the Sample Course Paper Template as a guide for formatting and organizing your course papers. Use the Writing Revision Matrix to address feedback you receive on your paper from your instructor. Refer to the Writing Revision Matrix instructions below for further information. Paper Organization Start with a title page and organize your paper with the following guidelines: Title of Paper: Use the diversity issue as the title of your paper. The opening content under your paper title should provide an introduction of your chosen diversity focus and what will be included in your paper. Overview of Diversity Focus: Begin the body of your paper with an overview of the diversity issue you chose for this review. Your diversity description can begin with a broad consideration related to education. Write in third person and include literature support. Diversity Issue Related to Specialization: Provide a detailed description and examples of how the diversity-related challenge you chose to review specifically relates to your specialization. Write in third person and include literature support. Review of the Literature: The literature review should include a minimum of five references from peer-reviewed journal articles related to your education specialization. Include the main challenges found in the literature related to the diversity-related issue in your specialization. Continue writing in third person and leverage the literature. Conclusion: Your conclusion should emphasize the main themes in your paper and provide a synthesis of the literature reviewed. References: Include a minimum of five different scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (related to your field of specialization) that are also cited in the paper. Your citations must have references and your references should be included within your paper as in-text citations.
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