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Create a Piece of Fiction in First Person Narration

Pick One or More of the Following to Focus On and Create a Piece of Fiction in First Person Narration Perfect your character introductions: Make the reader care How to start a story in first person: Begin with revealing actions Don’t tell the reader everything at once Make your protagonist’s voice identifiable from the start Make your protagonist’s voice active Make your main character confide in the reader Eliminate filter words and let the reader see through your protagonist’s eyes Introduce secondary characters via your first person narrator early on These are the parameters of the Discussion Board Assignment: Late submissions will not be reviewed or graded. You must both post and respond to receive credit. 1. Post 2-4 pgs of your own, original, creative writing to be workshopped. End your piece with explaining which of the above technique(s) you applied. Give one example of how.
Pick One or More of the Following to Focus On and Create a Piece of Fiction in First Person Narration Perfect your character introductions: Make the reader care How to start a story in first person: Begin with revealing actions Don’t tell the reader everything at once Make your protagonist’s voice identifiable from the start Make your protagonist’s voice active Make your main character confide in the reader Eliminate filter words and let the reader see through your protagonist’s eyes Introduce secondary characters via your first person narrator early on These are the parameters of the Discussion Board Assignment: Late submissions will not be reviewed or graded. You must both post and respond to receive credit. 1. Post 2-4 pgs of your own, original, creative writing to be workshopped.
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In the profession of social work, there is an expectation that all service providers and professionals provide culturally responsive interventions and considerations to diverse individuals, groups, and communities. At the same time, the topic of diversity has the potential to create discomfort. How do social workers continue to not only engage in difficult..
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Read the very very short story "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid beginning on page 813 of our textbook The Writer's Presence. Upon reading the story, note that the daughter in the story speaks only two lines, both which are italicized. Still it is possible to infer something about the girl's character even though her mother does most of the talking. In a two-full page to..
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Develop a literature review. The topic: The Impact of School Culture on Student Achievement The heading or themes should include: 1. Theoretical Framework - include a theory and theorist who used it 2. School culture 3. Roles of School leaders a.School principal b. teachers 4. The Roles of Schools in Developing a Positive School Culture 5.Research on the impact..
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highlight these points it helps to understand *gains from specialization *economic trade-offs and valuation *Opportunity cost of production and Consumption *the nature of substitution and complementarity in economic activities *the application of thinking at the margin *the nature of economic incentives and disincentives *the mechanics of netbenefit..
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Write a 600 word essay about the intersection of the media links, chapters, and your life (conventional wisdom – common sense). Tell the readers what you watched, listened to, and read. Write how they helped you understand chapters concepts and in what ways. Tell us about the preconceived notions you had about some topics and how the information in the media helped..
victims are likely to move on their abusive event
Produce a 2000 word systematic literature review and rationale for a small scale research project. using the University’s electronic databases. You will need to include a detailed Methods section describing how you performed this search to demonstrate principles of transparency. Demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships..
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Is technology more of an advantage or disadvantage?
3-page research paper on "Is technology more of an advantage or disadvantage?" 12pt font. MLA format. 1-inch margins. Double spaced. Bibliography/Worked Cited included at the end. Please use easy and simple web pages/Sources. No book. Article sources are okay as long as they are not too complex. Please include a website link in all the sources. Thank You!..
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Assignment 1: Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal
In the land of free trade, the public does not view all industries as equal. Do you believe that is ethical? Do you believe that some industries are unfairly targeted? Should it be consumers’ choice to partake in products that are not healthy for them, or do those companies have an ethical obligation to protect people? In this assignment, you will choose one (1)..
The Importance of Recognizing Revenue and Expenses in the Correct Period
Denver Technologies Corp. (DTC) is a provider of Information Technology services for small and medium companies in the Denver, CO, area. The company has a fiscal year end on June 30. On June 28 of this year, DTC was able to sign some three-year contracts to provide services for area companies. The contracts totaled $300,000 with a third of the contracts due immediately..
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Assignment 2: New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations
Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the opportunity to create a PowerPoint presentation to train new supervisors on how to conduct performance evaluations. Whether you use an annual evaluation, real-time feedback, or quarterly evaluations, it is important that new supervisors understand: 1) the rationale for a performance evaluation..
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Are content creators able to making a living from their online content?
It's a comparative discussion paper should compare between youtube and itunes. 2400 Words (Not including quoted materials). You must develop a specific focus for your CDP.You must consider at least one of the following aspects: cultural, economic, political or geographical influences on the digital content provider.Source quotes and other materials..
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Report on Clinical Assessment of Older Adults: SOAP Format
(Please make-up a patient and a clinical site. I will edit the clinical site). Selection of Patient: Preferred patient selected for this assignment should be an older adult institutionalized in a long term care or Assisted Living Facility, Rehab facility. Alternatively, a hospitalized older adult may be selected if student is unable to access a preferred..
Kinship, Gender and New Family Forms in a Changing World
Stone provides examples of how kinship and family have responded to the stresses of migration and immigration caused by the forces of globalization and neo-liberalism. While marriage, gender roles, and family formation have been affected, Stone observes that “...the transformation of kinship is taking its own twists and turns in a way that meshes the old..
Moral Purpose and Cultural Significance in Fables, Fairytales, Myths and Legends
ption B Write a 350- to 700-word paper that includes the following: A fable or fairytale written by you that has a moral purpose or teaches a moral lesson A reflection that compares your fable or fairytale to those you read this week A discussion of the historical and cultural significance of two substantial myths or legends from among the readings for Week 3 Use..
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Reading questions and essay for module 3 and module 4 of LOVE & ROM IN EARLY SPAIR
both reading questions of module 3 and module 4 are due by July 29. PDF of module 3: PDF of module 4:

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