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Influentials of the U.S. health services system: access, cost and quality

Identify three (3) most significant acts, pieces of legislation, regulation, or other event since 1940 that have been most influential in affecting each of the three (3) main areas of the U.S. health services system: Access, Cost and Quality. ( Nine (9) different acts, legislations, regulations or events must be identified for full credit. Briefly justify each of your answer choices. DO NOT simply describe what these choices are, but justify why YOU think these were/are the most influential. Be concise.)
Identify three (3) most significant acts, pieces of legislation, regulation, or other event since 1940 that have been most influential in affecting each of the three (3) main areas of the U.S. health services system: Access, Cost and Quality. ( Nine (9) different acts, legislations, regulations or events must be identified for full credit. Briefly justify each of your answer choices.
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