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Groups & Organizations, Deviance, & Social Stratification

" Write a 600 word essay about the intersection of the media links, chapters, and your life (conventional wisdom - common sense). Tell the readers what you watched, listened to, and read. Write how they helped you understand chapters concepts and in what ways. Tell us about the preconceived notions you had about some topics and how the information in the media helped change, reinforce, and modify that conventional wisdom. " There should be reference to at least 5 (FIVE) concepts from EACH TEXTBOOK CHAPTER FROM THAT MODULE, spread throughout the essay, not bunched up in one paragraph. In other words, I want to see every paragraph have multiple paragraphs (colors). o Highlight each time you reference a textbook word, concepts, date, or person to help me assess your ability to integrate with one color. Not a whole sentence or paragraph, just the term. Only highlight the term once. Use a different color for EACH CHAPTER to help me grade. (For example: "As I learned about Marx's concept of the false consciousness, I was struck by the way I've noticed this happening at work. For instance, my colleagues and I are the proletariat, and we are often in competition with each other and do not look at our bosses for an understanding of why we cannot get a raise." ) " There should be reference to at least 4(FOUR) Media links. Use a signal phrase to introduce the media links. o Highlight each time you reference a media link to help me assess your ability to integrate that material with the textbook terms and concepts. (For example: "According the Hans Rosling in Magic Washing Machine…") and highlight not a whole sentence or paragraph, just the author, speaker, or title.
" Write a 600 word essay about the intersection of the media links, chapters, and your life (conventional wisdom - common sense). Tell the readers what you watched, listened to, and read. Write how they helped you understand chapters concepts and in what ways. Tell us about the preconceived notions you had about some topics and how the information in the media helped change, reinforce, and modify that conventional wisdom.
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