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Management Problems in an environment of radical disruptive innovations. A systemic literature review...

Management Problems in an environment of radical, disruptive innovations. A systemic literature review and knowledge synthesis. peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 – 2018. 50+ references Rigorous Ph.D. Level research and writing. Zero plagiarism ***Do not offer your services if you are not familiar with Ph.D. Level writing. Structure: Part 1: Explain to the reader the difference between a literature review and a systemic literature review. Show the reader, which single steps need to be taken for a systemic literature review. Maximum 1 page. Use references to explain Point 1. Part 2: a) Conduct a systemic literature review as explained in point 1, using the mentioned single steps. Include only peer-reviewed articles b) First explain to the reader: Innovations and the difference between incremental and radical innovations. Radical innovations cause specific organizational problems that need to be researched and described next. Always use references. c) Continue with the research question: What Management problems face companies that operate in a market environment, driven by radical disruptive innovations? Limit to High-Tech Industry. d) The systemic literature review starts with the timeframe of 2013 – 2018. e) If not enough references are being found, increase the timeframe accordingly and note the timeframe down. f) This systemic literature review ends (or results) into a compressed list of management problem’s, that are caused by the above-mentioned market environment (radical innovations). g) Use minimum of 50 references to answer the main research questions. h) You don’t need to write an abstract or introduction for this paper, as it is a systemic literature review only, resulting into a list of management problems. i) Please complete this paper till point 2.b and ask for a feedback from my side, before continuing the research. f) Following background information should help you to frame the problem better: Disruptive, radical innovations drive technology markets. Market stakeholders must demonstrate specific attributes to survive or lead successfully in such an environment. Such an environment influences technology visions, technology strategy, organizational and process design significantly and causes specific managing problems. Types of innovations could be incremental or radical -> incremental are somehow predictable, radical innovations have issues concerning unpredictability, etc. The given task surrounds the radical innovation issue and therefore all the problems that come with radical innovations. This desired list of management problems that we are aiming for will contain specific management problems surrounding radical innovation and, in that connection, considering the need for radical change in an organization. These management problems must distinctly differ from general day-to-day management problems and are different from problems arriving from incremental innovation and incremental change. Typical problems could include issues of foresight methods of radical innovation and how to overcome mental filters for example by unlearning old patterns of incremental change. This would be just one of the management problems. Companies want to predict radical innovations, for example, to produce some foresight of such radical change and create some certainty about the future markets. (i.e. using innovation scouting, visioning, think tanks, etc.). The other way could be, that a company wants to create their own radical innovation. What management problems could such company face when dealing with strategic foresight or planning their own radical innovation? For example, if innovation is radically new, there is no certain knowledge, whether the product will be accepted from the market. Again, this will trigger specific management problems. Unpredictability, uncertainty and several other management problems need to be identified in the literature. It must be considered, that the problems could come from outside and inside the organization. From the outside: That happens when the competition (the market) generates a radical innovation. We must let the systemic literature review drive the knowledge gathering about what kind of management problems we are facing related to radical innovations. The maturity of an organization is as well influencing the way, how an organization is prepared to deal with such problems. Thus, we must consider the distinct stages of the organizational maturity. When synthesizing the list of management problems, please consider a bullet point list and grouping using categories. Grouping categories could include: From which direction the problem is coming from and another could be the level of maturity of an organization. All grouping categories will be synthesized from the systemic literature analysis as well. Be sure to distill related problems and grouping categories in the literature review. This background information contains useful keywords for article research. Be sure to include these in the literature review. If you have questions along the way, please contact me. Thanks.
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