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A passage to be contextualised in terms of the characteristics of the period

Please write on the following passage, indicating those qualities which you think make it characteristic of its period. Pay particular attention to the subject, the form, and the use of language. I think that the selected passage is from the Romanticism period of literature. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THIS! & ALWAYS ANSWER THE ESSAY QUESTION! Your commentary must be 1,500 words long. Assessment Criteria: • Analyse the text, and otherwise from the period that it covers, • demonstrate some familiarity with the text, • use those analyses and that familiarity in the construction of critical arguments about the text, • construct such arguments and to conduct such analyses with reference to relevant literary and historical contexts, • trace relevant thematic and formal relations among the particular text studied in the question, • demonstrate good command of an adequate and relevant critical language. UK Grammar and Spelling ONLY The passage is attached to this assignment as a Word Document.
Please write on the following passage, indicating those qualities which you think make it characteristic of its period. Pay particular attention to the subject, the form, and the use of language. I think that the selected passage is from the Romanticism period of literature. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THIS!
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