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Knowledge synthesis methods based on qualitative secondary research, published...

Knowledge synthesis methods based on qualitative secondary research, used and published in articles of A+ ranked scientific journals. A systemic literature review of peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 – 2018. Rigorous Ph.D. Level research and writing. Zero plagiarism Structure: Point 1: Explain to the reader the difference between primary research and secondary research Point 2: Explain to the reader the difference between a literature review and a systemic literature review. Show the single steps to be taken for a systemic literature review. Point 1 and 2, maximum two pages in total or less. Point 3: a) Conduct a systemic literature review as explained in point 2, using the single steps. b) Include articles from A+ ranked scientific journals c) Subject area/category: Business, Strategy, Management, Technology, Innovation Ranking source: d) Start to search for knowledge synthesis methods (25 different methods) see attached e) Find for every method -> five (5) peer-reviewed articles that use exactly that method. f) Create a section or chapter for every knowledge synthesis method, refer to the found five articles for that particular methodology, summarize and synthesize the steps taken in these five articles. Show to the reader, that all five articles use the exact same method. g) You might come up with 25 different methodology chapters, as per the attached list of methods. However, you might find more methods or less, based on the described systemic literature review. If you find more, please add more knowledge synthesis methods and increase the number of chapters accordingly. If you don’t find for a particular method any article within that given limits (see above), then note that down in that chapter. Then increase for that particular method the search range to the year 2008 (10 Years). If still no article was found, please note that down. h) You don’t need to write an abstract, introduction or conclusion for this paper, as it is just a systemic literature review, that incused a knowledge summary for each section/chapter. i) In the best case you find for each of the 25+ knowledge synthesis methods -> five articles, that sums-up in total to min. 125 different references. j) This paper aims to explain to the reader, how to use each of the 25+ methods. It also shows to the reader, which of the 25+ methods where not used in A+ ranked journals. k) Do not include articles that use a different methodology, which is not fitting the subject here. For example, an article that uses a survey, focus group or other primary data. l) Please complete the 1st method including the five articles, create the first knowledge summery and sent it to me for a short feedback. Don’t complete all 25 and sent them to me, because a revision might be then ineffective. If you have questions along the way, please contact me. Thanks.
Knowledge synthesis methods based on qualitative secondary research, used and published in articles of A+ ranked scientific journals. A systemic literature review of peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 – 2018. Rigorous Ph.D. Level research and writing.
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