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Compare this passage to events some event in the book, "The Vegeterian"

Identify a small, innocuous facet that two of these texts have in common (a repeated image, an idiosyncratic character trait, a structural choice). Analyze the presentation of this facet in each text (compare and contrast its iterations in each). Make an argument about the larger meanings about each text that this comparison yields. Successful papers will prove their thesis through a series well-selected examples, careful analysis of those examples, and creative connections between these moments of analysis. You will show your reader something about the texts that they would not have seen upon a first reading by connecting smaller formal choices to larger thematic concerns. The text are "Written on the Body" and "The Vegetarian". The excerpt from "Written on the Body" is below and youll compare it to any part of "The Vegeterian" During the night I had a lurid dream about an ex-girlfriend of mine who had been heavily into papier-maché. It had started as a hobby; and who shall object to a few buckets of flour and water and a roll of chicken wire? I’m a liberal and I believe in free expression. I went to her house one day and poking out of the letter-box just at crotch level was the head of a yellow and green serpent. Not a real one but livid enough with a red tongue and silver foil teeth. I hesitated to ring the bell. Hesitated because to reach the bell meant pushing my private parts right into the head of the snake. I held a little dialogue with myself. ME: Don’t be silly. It’s a joke. I: What do you mean it’s a joke? It’s lethal. ME: Those teeth aren’t real. I: They don’t have to be real to be painful. ME: What will she think of you if you stand here all night? I: What does she think of me anyway? What kind of a girl aims a snake at your genitals? ME: A fun-loving girl. I: Ha Ha. The door flew open and Amy stood on the mat. She was wearing a kaftan and a long string of beads. ‘It won’t hurt you,’ she said. ‘It’s for the postman. He’s been bothering me.’ ‘I don’t think it’s going to frighten him,’ I said. ‘It’s only a toy snake. It didn’t frighten me.’ ‘You’ve nothing to be frightened of,’ she said. ‘It’s got a rat-trap in the jaw.’ She disappeared inside while I stood hovering on the step holding my bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. She returned with a leek and shoved it in the snake’s mouth. There was a terrible clatter and the bottom half of the leek fell limply on to the mat. ‘Bring it in with you will you?’ she said. ‘We’re eating it later.’
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