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DOCUMENT TYPE Dissertation
CREATED ON 18th July 2018
COMPLETED ON 19th July 2018
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The lived experience of a domestic violence survivor

This is a report type dissertation. A previous writer let me down massively producing a real poor quality paper which was also late! I am now in desperate need for a writer to rectify all the issues, who is able to understand a qualitative and IPA approach of writing. Must be able to work alongside the work I have produced already, and be able to immediately understand the task. Must use initiative in producing a better quality of what has already been written.
This is a report type dissertation. A previous writer let me down massively producing a real poor quality paper which was also late! I am now in desperate need for a writer to rectify all the issues, who is able to understand a qualitative and IPA approach of writing. Must be able to work alongside the work I have produced already, and be able to immediately understand the task.
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