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2 assignments Reflection Paper & PowerPoint Presentation

Reflection Paper: 200 points Due July 21st at 11:59pm After watching the “Sound and Fury” on youtube, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Write five to eight pages what you have learned; if you had a deaf child, would you give your deaf child a cochlear implant? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons of cochlear implants? Items Points Items Points Title page 15.4 Paragraph length – minimum 4 sentences but less than 8. 15.4 Running head 15.4 Explaining Abbreviation 15.4 Page headers 15.4 Three or more citations 15.4 Title 15.4 Grammar/Spelling/ 15.4 Professor’s Name and your name 15.4 Conclusion Ideas/Content 15.4 Introduction 15.4 References Page 15.4 Organization 15.4 Please use APA format. Final Project: 5 points Due August 4th at 11:59pm You will need to pick one of the topics listed below and create a short video of the various pros and cons (minimum of 5 for each). Since I am Deaf, you are required to put closed-captioned on your video. Here is the direct link for directions on how to add closed captioning on the video. Do not forget to include sources at the end of the video. Topics- Please List Pros and Cons: Deaf (Capital “D”) vs. deaf (lowercase “d”) Deaf schools vs. mainstreamed schools Deaf kids of deaf parents vs. hearing kids of deaf parents Cochlear implants vs. hearing aids Closed captioned vs. English Subtitles ASL vs. SEE (Signed Exact English) Sign language interpreters vs. Communication Access Realtime Translation Deaf Teacher vs. Hearing teacher (fluent in ASL) Qualified Interpreter vs Certified Interpreter Online Video Presentation Rubric 5 Excellent 4 Good 3 Average 2 Needs Improvement 1 Deficient Content Provided excellent pros and cons (minimum of 5 each/Total of 10) detailed information from the sources that significantly support the topics Provided good pros and cons (minimum of 4 each/Total 8) information from the sources that support the topics at almost all levels Provided partial pros and cons (minimum of 3 each/ Total 6) information from the sources that support most of the topics Provide lack of pros and cons (lists 2 for each/ total of 4) information from the sources that support less than half of the topics Incomplete pros and cons (less than 2 for each) information from the sources that are irrelevant or don’t relate to the topic Images/Video Excellent use of video/all images are related to topic Good use of video/a majority of the images are related to topic Average images/video lacks much related to topic Some images/video lack information related to topic Poor images/no video images are related to the topic PowerPoint slides 5 slides including 5 sources 4 slides including 4 sources 3 slides including 3 sources 2 slides including 2 sources 1 slide including 1 source Length 10 – 8 minutes Less than 8 minutes Less than 6 minutes Less than 3 minutes Less than 2 minutes Sources cited appropriately in APA format 5 sources, appropriately cited in APA format 4 sources; only 1-2 errors in APA formatting 3 sources; has 3-4 errors in APA formatting 2 sources; has more than 4 errors in APA formatting 1 sources; has significant (more than 5) errors in APA formatting
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