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Will Price Floors And Minimum Wage Result in More Unemployment Among Unskilled Workers?

Part of The Essay Must Be Based Upon Articles Attached Below but Not All. Your answer to the assignment should be two to three, typed, double spaced pages using a standard 12 point font. Your grade for this project will be based on the Rubric on the second page. Your grade will be based on your ability to use the above articles for your research, and then construct and support an opinion. Part of your grade will also depend on the mechanics of the paper, organization, grammar, spelling, and proper use of citations. See the attached Rubric for exactly what you will be graded on in this paper.
Part of The Essay Must Be Based Upon Articles Attached Below but Not All. Your answer to the assignment should be two to three, typed, double spaced pages using a standard 12 point font. Your grade for this project will be based on the Rubric on the second page. Your grade will be based on your ability to use the above articles for your research, and then construct and support an opinion.
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