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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
DOCUMENT TYPE Speech / Presentation
CREATED ON 15th July 2018
COMPLETED ON 16th July 2018
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Water Pollution in Nebraska - Outline, Speech & Slideshow

I will need a outline, a written speech and a slide show done in power point done in a 15 year olds writing on water pollution in Nebraska. All done by tomorrow by 7 PM. I needs to Persuasive speaking, Have an introduction with 3 main points with sub points and sub-sub points, Monroe Motivated sequence and a conclusion paragraph. This speech focus on solutions to problems in the subject area, laws regulations ect. 6 Minutes Long
I will need a outline, a written speech and a slide show done in power point done in a 15 year olds writing on water pollution in Nebraska. All done by tomorrow by 7 PM. I needs to Persuasive speaking, Have an introduction with 3 main points with sub points and sub-sub points, Monroe Motivated sequence and a conclusion paragraph. This speech focus on solutions to problems in the subject area, laws regulations ect.
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