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informative essay on: Is net neutrality a good idea?

Length: at least ten pages (not including works cited) Format: MLA, Times New Roman twelve-point font, one-inch margins, works cited page General Guidelines:  The research paper should present a neutral overview of the research topic: history of the issue/background information and survey of the major arguments within the current debate.  Sources Required: You should include a minimum of ten sources, all of which you make substantial use. (Do not simply throw in a quote just to prove you used a source.) - You may not use more than three websites without permission of the instructor. - Sources must be academic in nature (Wikipedia, for instance, is not allowed).  Rough Draft: The rough draft should be at least 7-8 pages and include a works cited page. - Your instructor will review the rough draft, make comments, and grade the essay (if it is completed and if it has met the page length requirement). Incomplete essays may only receive comments and not a grade. - When you receive your comments on the rough draft, you may accept the grade that was given, or you may revise the Rough Draft Informative Essay and submit the Final Draft Informative Essay to attempt to earn a higher grade.  Final Draft: If you are satisfied with the grade that you receive on your Rough Draft Informative Essay, you are not required to submit a Final Draft Essay. However, you may revise the Rough Draft to earn a higher grade on your Final Draft Essay. NOTE: In this paper you will not be making a judgment or offering an argument for or against the issue. You will be providing the reader an overview of the debate by explaining each side of the issue. In your next paper (the Persuasive Essay), you will take a position on the debate and defend your position. Basic Structure: I. Introduction II. Background III. Overview of Proponents’ Arguments IV. Overview of Opponents’ Arguments V. Conclusion
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