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Confronting Colonial Blindness in Citizenship Education- Reaction Paper

Each entry should include the following: Title – Use the full citation of the reading (in APA format) Summary – Provide a summary of key points and note any details, key concepts/terms, etc. which particularly struck you.( 550 words) Analysis – Your analysis of and reaction to the reading. Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why? What new insights did you gain (if any) from the reading? Was the reading helpful in understanding the topic? Why or why not? Did this remind of you of something from your own experience? Did you gain any ideas you want to try out in your class with your own students? How does it relate to other things you have read for this class or others? Bring hard copies of your reading responses to share with the other students in class. Upload a copy prior to class.
Each entry should include the following: Title – Use the full citation of the reading (in APA format) Summary – Provide a summary of key points and note any details, key concepts/terms, etc. which particularly struck you.( 550 words) Analysis – Your analysis of and reaction to the reading. Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why?
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1. Form- Use proper grammar, spelling, etc. If something doesn’t make sense or is illegible, it hurts your paper. Your paper needs an introduction and conclusion. This means I- Your paper has a paragraph at the beginning -that introduces your topic - introduces a relevant hypothesis pertaining to your topic - introduces the sociological theory you plan to use..

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