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White-collar, organised and cyber crimes in the media: some contrasts and similarities

In paragraph 1: Identify the author, title, and publication information for your article. Identify the article’s audience and purpose. Summarize the main points in the article in your own words. In paragraph 2: Discuss what the author does to develop or support these main points. For example, personal experience, statistics, interviews, facts, and emotions are just a few of many different strategies authors use to support main ideas. In paragraph 3: Analyze the effectiveness of the article. Identify one to two specific qualities of the article you read that you find to be effective.
In paragraph 1: Identify the author, title, and publication information for your article. Identify the article’s audience and purpose. Summarize the main points in the article in your own words. In paragraph 2: Discuss what the author does to develop or support these main points.
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