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Does youth participation in sports keep teens out of trouble?

1. Form- Use proper grammar, spelling, etc. If something doesn’t make sense or is illegible, it hurts your paper. Your paper needs an introduction and conclusion. This means I- Your paper has a paragraph at the beginning -that introduces your topic - introduces a relevant hypothesis pertaining to your topic - introduces the sociological theory you plan to use concerning your topic - any other information or viewpoints you deem relevant concerning your topic (like your opinion or what you believe might be fundamental to understanding this topic)------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 points II- Your paper has a paragraph at the end - that summarizes your topic and your viewpoint concerning your topic - that summarizes how your hypothesis pertains to your topic, especially in light of all the information you have presented (sources)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 points - that summarizes how your sociological theory (the one you chose) best illustrates the effect of your hypothesis III. excessive grammatical and spelling errors are unacceptable- spellcheck.--- 5 points IV. there must be at least 5 pages NOT COUNTING WORKS CITED PAGE (5 page minimum), 12 point font, double space format------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 points TOTAL = 30 points THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE 2. choose a theoretical perspective (structural functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism) that is going to be the framework for your approach concerning your paper topic. ---------I-You will need to give the TEXTBOOK definition of this theoretical perspective.----10points ---------II-Also, you will have to explain why your theoretical perspective is the one you chose to address your topic. Ex: the outsourcing of jobs from the U.S. to other countries is clearly a means for the bourgeois (pertaining to Karl Marx and conflict theory) to expand their wealth and exploit the poor globally in other countries -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 points TOTAL = 20 POINTS HYPOTHESIS 3. Construct an hypothesis concerning the topic you have decided to write about. This hypothesis must be I- a statement indicating a theoretical relationship between 2 variables (no more than 2 because 3 or more gets complicated)---- example: video game violence and wife beating II- sociological in nature- see topic ideas list. Your hypothesis has to be about (human) social interactions and the things that guide or create them. Particularly how human group behavior affects or is affected by some social phenomenon. TOTAL = 15 POINTS SOURCES 4. find two (2) sources that provide information for you to build your proposal on- You can even use sources that are against your position- and elaborate (reasonably) with logical standpoints how you perceive the sources position is inaccurate (usually with information from one of your supporting sources). Websites like Wikipedia, and other websites like these are not valid sources for this assignment. -----------I- sources must be cited in MLA format at the end of the paper (works cited page). Sources from the internet (particularly web pages) MUST have web addresses included in citation---- 10 points -----------II- All sources, if they are included in your works cited page, must be used in the body of the paper -referred to in your writing- and cited in MLA format (Hollar 2016) ---------- i.e., in-text citations--- 10 points TOTAL = 20 POINTS SUMMARY 5. Give a brief summary (in your paper) of at least 2 of your sources. This means a couple of sentences mentioning the source and overall what it is about. You will cite information from all the sources you use, but for 2 of the sources, you will need to tell me what the whole source is about (and put it in your paper). Example: Essentials of Sociology is a textbook written by James Henslin that covers a whole range of topics that pertain to the subject of sociology. From social stratification to population growth, there are a variety of topics found in this textbook. (you would then proceed to write about the specific information you cited from this book). TOTAL = 15 points ***Please use some American works cited, does not have to be only American, but since I am from US would like to see more US works cited.... AND PLEASE NO PLAGERISM
1. Form- Use proper grammar, spelling, etc. If something doesn’t make sense or is illegible, it hurts your paper. Your paper needs an introduction and conclusion.
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