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Subsidiary/Affiliate Operations: Certification, Foundations, and For-profit Activities

Directions: • Answer each question directly and succinctly. Review your response for spelling and grammatical errors. • If you use a source to answer a question, it is important that you cite the source (APA format). If you don't, no credit will be allowed. • Label your answers (i.e., 1, 2, 3 ..). 1. Identify a professional association of your choice that also has a foundation, where the activities of the foundation complement the member-oriented work of the association. Explain the complementary relationship. (Include the links to both the association and foundation in support of your answer.) 2. Identify a professional association of your choice that also has a for-profit subsidiary (other than the ABA example from the lecture). What is the name of the association's for-profit subsidiary? What are some of the products and or services it offers the association's members? (Include the links to both the association and for-profit subsidiary in support of your answer.) 3. Is there any reason, other than legal/tax reasons, that an association would want to create a separate affiliate or subsidiary for its certification program? 4. How does certification differ from licensure? 5. How does earning professional certification from an association certification 6- What are some of the reasons that an association would create a foundation? Identify an association that has established a foundation to support one of these reasons and describe its mission. Has the foundation been successful in addressing its mission? Include the link to the foundation.
Directions: • Answer each question directly and succinctly. Review your response for spelling and grammatical errors. • If you use a source to answer a question, it is important that you cite the source (APA format). If you don't, no credit will be allowed.
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