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CREATED ON 12th July 2018
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Correlational Study of African American Women School Administrators and School Climate

The following format is to be followed by students. Once in final form, the approved proposal will provide much of the substance of the dissertation’s first chapter. 1. Title Page The title sheet should include the information ordinarily encountered on the title page of the dissertation except that the proposal should be labeled as a dissertation proposal, not as a dissertation. Because some computer-compiled bibliographies include only the first five words of the title, the first five words should, therefore, contain a substantive description of the study. A subtitle may be included. 2. Abstract The abstract is a summary of the dissertation proposal. It presents all the major elements of your intended research in a highly condensed form. It is critical to include your research guiding questions to ensure that the abstract is coherent and logically structured. Some protocols do not allow an abstract to exceed 350 words. 3. Introduction This section introduces the reader to the domain of the study and provides a general overview of the circumstances, issues, and background leading up to the problem to be investigated. 4. Statement of the Problem/Need for the Study The problem statement should identify briefly the state of uncertainty or dissatisfaction with present knowledge in the field. Then it should clearly and precisely identify the purpose of the study in terms of how it will help to advance our knowledge in that field. 5. Background of the Study A doctoral dissertation is not intended to be an isolated undertaking but rather an inquiry which has an intended place in some larger body of knowledge. This section should include a review of the relevant theoretical and empirical works which provide a broad background, or a theoretical grounding to the study. In addition, candidates are required to demonstrate the link between their study and the body of knowledge in which the study is grounded. 6. Purpose of the Study What this study hopes to accomplish shall be stated clearly in one or two paragraphs. This component of Chapter One builds upon the Statement of the Problem/Need for the Study to explain how this study will contribute to practice. It also serves to introduce the Research Guiding Questions. 35 7. Research Guiding Questions Research guiding questions should be stated clearly and concisely. These questions should flow logically from the discussion of the Background of the Study and should be consistent with the Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study. 8. Methods and Procedures This section should indicate what type of study is being conducted, how the study will be conducted, what data or information will be used, how it will be obtained, what controls will be applied to ensure integrity, and what sampling techniques will be employed. Thus, the section should convey the appropriateness of the data/information for answering the research questions; and, most importantly, it should describe the techniques for analyzing the data with direct reference to the research questions or hypotheses. A complete description of the instruments or procedures to be used in gathering the data should be provided. All proposals are expected to include relevant information about the technical quality of these instruments or procedures. Any instruments/interview protocols developed by the researcher should accompany the proposal in an Appendix and also fully explaining how this newly developed instrument/interview will be standardized. 9. Limitations of the Study Students must address clearly the shortcomings and/or weaknesses of the research which may possibly impact the findings as well as the generalizability of these findings. Limitations may include a description of a population proposed as the subject of the study. 10. Definitions of Key Terms We often use the same words, but we may give them different meanings. To avoid misunderstanding of key terms used throughout the study, it is appropriate to include definitions of these terms. They should be clearly defined, according to how they will be used in the study. Definitions should be listed in alphabetical order and acronyms should always be spelled out fully, especially when used for the first time and possibly not commonly known. 11. References All studies cited in the proposal should be included using standard, and internally consistent, APA citation methods. 36 ProQuest All dissertations completed at Gwynedd Mercy University shall be made available to the public
The following format is to be followed by students. Once in final form, the approved proposal will provide much of the substance of the dissertation’s first chapter. 1. Title Page The title sheet should include the information ordinarily encountered on the title page of the dissertation except that the proposal should be labeled as a dissertation proposal, not as a dissertation.
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