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What CEO attributes are required to successfully lead a high-tech company?...

What CEO attributes are required to successfully lead a high-tech company? A critical interpretive (meta)synthesis of the qualitative literature. Disruptive, radical innovations drive technology markets. Market stakeholders must demonstrate specific attributes to survive or lead successfully in such an environment. Such environment influences technology visions, technology strategy, organizational and process design significantly and causes specific managing problems. That again requires specific behaviours of the CEO to find adequate solutions. In an article published in Harvard Business Review in 2017, Lytkina et al. postulate four behaviours that make a chief executive officer more successful than others. In this article, we are going to challenge the findings of Lytkina et al. 2017. Only peer-reviewed articles, zero plagiarism. see attached details ** Please don't offer your service, if you are not familiar with PhD level research methods.
What CEO attributes are required to successfully lead a high-tech company? A critical interpretive (meta)synthesis of the qualitative literature. Disruptive, radical innovations drive technology markets. Market stakeholders must demonstrate specific attributes to survive or lead successfully in such an environment.
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