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SUBJECT AREA Engineering
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Paper
CREATED ON 11th July 2018
COMPLETED ON 11th July 2018
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Internship Technical Report and weekly activity log

Internship Technical Report Format Your Internship Technical Report is a well written report that is related to the objectives set for the internship by you and your site supervisor. The report will be a 7-10 page report based on the objectives agreed to by your site supervisor and you during the first week of the internship. The report(s) should reflect the objectives set for the technical areas you conducted as part of your Internship. The intent of the INTERNSHIP TECHNICAL REPORT is to allow you to showcase your skills and abilities as a WRITER. There will be a title page [not included in the seven to ten (7-10) page requirement]. The INTERNSHIP TECHNICAL REPORT should be submitted electronically for evaluation during the 7th or 10th week of your Internship. It will be reviewed, evaluated, and returned to you for corrections.
Internship Technical Report Format Your Internship Technical Report is a well written report that is related to the objectives set for the internship by you and your site supervisor. The report will be a 7-10 page report based on the objectives agreed to by your site supervisor and you during the first week of the internship. The report(s) should reflect the objectives set for the technical areas you conducted as part of your Internship. The intent of the INTERNSHIP TECHNICAL REPORT is to allow you to showcase your skills and abilities as a WRITER.
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