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General Market Situation, Target Segments, Market Research Proposal

GENERAL MARKET SITUATION 1. Explain overall what kind of consumers this product is attempting to serve. What “needs” or “wants” do these consumers have that the business is trying to satisfy? Give the reader a profile of the general market. (Usually small businesses simply target the large, general market that surrounds them.) 2. How is the company perceived in the marketplace regarding level of quality, price points, longevity, dominance in the marketplace, etc.? How large is the overall potential market for local businesses with this type of product/service? What environmental influences affect this type of business? TARGET MARKET 1. TARGET SEGMENTS: You described the general market above. Now explain to your business the value of a more focused, targeted strategy and suggest two smaller segments of the market that they should target. Define these segments clearly so that the company can make better use of their limited resources. Give these segments names such as “Bawling Babies” or “Rollerblade Moms”. 2. Write a descriptive paragraph for each target segment. Each segment description should include demographics (describing the characteristics of a typical consumer), psychographics (describing the habits, attitudes, and preferences of a typical consumer) and other descriptors such as geographics, benefits sought or usage rates. Explain who these consumers are and what they are looking for. Include information about where they get marketing information, i.e. which magazines they read or which TV shows they watch. MARKET RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1. Describe some new information that would be valuable to the company and suggest to the company how they might collect the data and how much it will cost (printing, hiring phone surveyors, postage, etc.). 2. Prepare a one-page sample survey that is ready to print and includes a clear introduction and promises a reward for the respondent. This survey should include two each: binary, multiple choice, open ended, and Likert Scale questions.
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