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Exploration of U.S. Anti Trust Laws: Should Gov't Regulate Business?

The research paper shall be no less than ten (10) pages and no more than fifteen (15) pages in length, excluding title page, table of contents, abstracts, charts, pictures and bibliography. The paper should be double-spaced, with standard one -inch margins. The paper must cite at least four (4) sources and at least two (2) electronic (internet based sources). This means that four (4) of your sources must be actual hard-copy books with pages. Even if the book you select has an electronic version, you must find the actual hard-copy page number for citation purposes. The paper will be in APA format. The font should be 12 point, Times New Roman. Pages should be numbered at the bottom right hand corner of each page. NOTE: Attached is a rough outline, just a guideline since I had to turn an outline in. Does not have to follow outline however somewhat ball park-ish.
The research paper shall be no less than ten (10) pages and no more than fifteen (15) pages in length, excluding title page, table of contents, abstracts, charts, pictures and bibliography. The paper should be double-spaced, with standard one -inch margins. The paper must cite at least four (4) sources and at least two (2) electronic (internet based sources). This means that four (4) of your sources must be actual hard-copy books with pages.
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