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Term paper on Laws and acts (APA Format double spaced)

6-8 page paper (APA format) Topic is the laws and acts ( please have an african american male perspective) Choose one of these acts below to write about also have a cover and reference page and double space; APA Format as well Equal pay act of 1963 equal employment opportunity act of 1972 americans with disabilities act of 1990 civil rights act of 1991 don't ask, don't tell repeal act of 2010 1. Explain the law or act 2. Who does it apply to ? (all this is in your book) 3. Who does it not apply to? (this too is in your book) 4 what if any personal experience do you or your family have with this law or act? (african american male perspective please) If you cannot get 6 full pages with this you may add any other act or law that is HRM related such as age discrimination, FLMA , etc.
6-8 page paper (APA format) Topic is the laws and acts ( please have an african american male perspective) Choose one of these acts below to write about also have a cover and reference page and double space; APA Format as well Equal pay act of 1963 equal employment opportunity act of 1972 americans with disabilities act of 1990 civil rights act of 1991 don't ask, don't tell repeal act of 2010 1. Explain the law or act 2. Who does it apply to ? (all this is in your book) 3.
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