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When examining serial murder globally, U.S. profiles of serial murder cannot be applied cross-culturally.

Serial Murder from a Global Perspective and Responding to Serial Killers When examining serial murder globally, U.S. profiles of serial murder cannot be applied cross-culturally. Provide at least one example from Chapter Eleven which illustrates this point. Once someone in the class has cited one aspect of Chapter Eleven, try not to replicate this point in order to avoid any redundancy. Next, according to the book, as Japan’s pornography industry expands, the number of sex crimes has markedly decreased. Does this finding surprise you? Does pornography lead to an increase in sexual violence or does it, in fact, give would-be offenders a sexual outlet and decrease acts of sexual violence, such as rape? Take a position either way and fully support it. Next, please point to one aspect of Chapter Twelve that you found to be of interest and explain why. Once someone has alluded to a particular aspect of Chapter Twelve, please avoid replicating this in order to avoid any redundancy. Finally, once you have answered all of the above questions, please pose an original thinking question to the class.
Serial Murder from a Global Perspective and Responding to Serial Killers When examining serial murder globally, U.S. profiles of serial murder cannot be applied cross-culturally. Provide at least one example from Chapter Eleven which illustrates this point. Once someone in the class has cited one aspect of Chapter Eleven, try not to replicate this point in order to avoid any redundancy.
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