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Library Services discussion - Library and Information Science discipline

Please read the instruction carefully and discuss these 2 questions. These are 2 independent questions and topics with their own readings, not related to each other and due at different date: 1. Question 1 ( Which trend is the most challenging for your local library? - 2 paragraphs - Due within 3 days): From the course readings and your own experience which of the following is recently the most challenging for your library staff to grapple with and why? - Funding Support - Security - Copyright - Right to Access *Readings for question 1: - Week11_PublicLibraryTrend.docx (attached) Question 2 (Geographical Information Sources - 2 paragraphs - Due within 7 days): Since you seemed to like trying out the LC's American Memory site so much, now that we're dealing with Geographical Resources please examine the Online Archive of California site (Links to an external site.) and share with your classmates something interesting (and useful for geographic reference purposes) you find in the collections there. Good sample searches might be California State Parks or Bancroft. *Reading for question 2: - Cassell, K.A. & Hiremath, U. (2013). Reference and information services: An introduction (3rd edition - Chapter 13). Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman. Extras: Those are 2 discussion answers, besides I may ask you to give some short comments on others discussion ideas also.
Please read the instruction carefully and discuss these 2 questions. These are 2 independent questions and topics with their own readings, not related to each other and due at different date: 1. Question 1 ( Which trend is the most challenging for your local library? - 2 paragraphs - Due within 3 days): From the course readings and your own experience which of the following is recently the most challenging for your library staff to grapple with and why?
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