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the importance of using hand-free device while driving

Direction Select an academically appropriate text of your choice, analyze its rhetorical situation, and present it to the class. Your presentation must have these components in this order: introduction, interpretation, evaluation, and response. What is a Text? A text is broadly defined as anything that carries a "hidden message" (or multiple messages) and is open to interpretation. A text can appear in many forms and media. Some examples of text are an article, a novel, a short story, a play, a poem, a painting, a sculpture, a song, a music video, a music album, a TV show, a movie, a film documentary, a documentary photograph, an advertisement, etc. Introduction Introduce, contextualize, and summarize (if applicable) your text. Some basic information about your text that your introduction should provide are its title, author, and date of publication. Interpretation To interpret a text means to determine its meaning, message, or significance. In order to do this effectively you must consider the rhetorical approach of the writer and the rhetorical situation created by the text. You can ask the following questions to help you interpret the text. Your interpretation is by no mean confined to these questions alone. You may certainly ask other questions for interpretation as long as they are relevant to your text. What is the context of your text? What is the purpose of the text? Who is the intended audience for the text? What is the message/meaning of the text? Evaluation To evaluate a text means to determine its quality, value, and effectiveness. As I have said in class, just because something is published does not mean it provides credible, reliable information. Everything and everyone (even the most well-reputed person) should be approached with critical skepticism. You can ask the following questions to help guide your evaluation of your text. Adapt or expand on questions to fit your specific text. Use specific textual evidence to support your answers. What is the author's credibility and/or qualifications relating to the text? What is the tone of the text? In what light is the subject of the text represented? What are some strengths and weaknesses of the text? How well does the text achieve its purpose? Response Give your personal response to the text. You may consider the following questions in your personal response: Why did you choose this text? What have you learned from analyzing this text that you did not know before? Duration Your presentation must be 3-5 minutes long. Methods of Submission There are two possible methods of submission for this assignment. You may choose to create a PowerPoint or Prezi file consisting of multiple slides for each of the four components that make up your analysis. Since your PP/Prezi will serve as the only means for communicating your analysis of the text, make sure that all essential details are included. Submit your PP/Prezi file to the presentation board. You may also choose to deliver your presentation in a self-recorded Youtube video. This method precludes the need to provide any visual material such as a PP/Prezi. Record your presentation, upload it to Youtube, and post the link to your Youtube video in the presentation board. Note that both methods require a showing of your text. You may present an image of your text in one of your introductory PP/Prezi slides. If you are doing a Youtube video, simply hold up your text to the camera or in whatever way works for you. Evaluation You will be evaluated on how well and thoroughly your presentation considers each component of the analysis. Additional criteria include depth of analysis, formality of language, and cohesiveness and overall aesthetic of visual materials (for PP/Prezi only submission) or presentational style (for Youtube submission).
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