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SUBJECT AREA Engineering
CREATED ON 26th June 2018
COMPLETED ON 8th July 2018
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Expert hired: Brian Kemboi

Concept Design of Building Services and Energy Strategy Report

-Individual Concept Design Report with 3500 words & drawings. (Building Services) 1.) Details requirement (pdf) and 2.) Tutor's requirement of this report will send to you for information. -In addition, 3.) A relevant report from another university will also send to you for reference. (Not sure is it useful") 4) The pdf of arch. layout(Basement to Roof) will send to you. * Citation to be Harvard format Requirement: - Familiar on Building Services - Autocad for Schematic diagrams (May send the similar for revise) - OTTV calculation
-Individual Concept Design Report with 3500 words & drawings. (Building Services) 1.) Details requirement (pdf) and 2.) Tutor's requirement of this report will send to you for information. -In addition, 3.) A relevant report from another university will also send to you for reference. (Not sure is it useful") 4) The pdf of arch.
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Hello, im in grade 11 and im currently doing exam block so unfortunately i cant do it due to time. The deadline for this papers in 12 hours so if it could be completed in that time slot it would be great :). Im australian so unfortunately this website is expensive. This assignment is 3 pages

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