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Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations

Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: • Explain the attributes of a successful health leader. • Describe issues related to globalization, power, followership, and culture change from a health leader’s perspective. Course outcome addressed in this Assignment: Evaluate approaches to leading individuals and teams, and eliciting support from senior principles. Identify change management practices by discussing change sponsorship versus agency of change theory. Evaluate leadership strategies essential to successfully accomplish change including interpersonal, organizational, and cultural dimensions. Instructions For this Assignment, outline issues related to globalization, power, followership, and cultural change from a health leader’s perspective. Identify at least 3 major global health issues that have impacted the U.S. health care system, and describe how this has affected and influenced stakeholders. Relate the global leadership style differences and similarities within the constructs of transformational leadership. Discuss at least 3 critical elements of culture and diversity on the modern health care organization. Also, provide a table or list of cultural attributes to be cognizant of. Finally, categorize global leadership differences per a leader’s use of power, technology, and knowledge management. Provide at least 2 leadership approaches for implementing change. Use a minimum of 3 academic references.
Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: • Explain the attributes of a successful health leader. • Describe issues related to globalization, power, followership, and culture change from a health leader’s perspective. Course outcome addressed in this Assignment: Evaluate approaches to leading individuals and teams, and eliciting support from senior principles. Identify change management practices by discussing change sponsorship versus agency of change theory.
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