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ANALYSIS OF LIBRARY ADDITION In no more than five typewritten pages, double-spaced and illustrated, select a library addition of no more than approximately 10,000 square feet. (This square footage is only a guideline; your actual choice can be somewhat smaller or somewhat larger.) In a brief introduction, indicate the name of the library, whether it's a branch or a main library, the parent institution (if any), date(s) of construction (i. e., original building and addition/renovation), architect(s) (both original and addition/renovation), and location. Then provide the following: Approximate square footage Overall floor plan (provide a clear floor plan of each level--at minimum the main level) Section (vertical arrangement of spaces) Hierarchy of spaces Circulation patterns Then assess the space in terms of Clarity of the plan Signage Acoustics Lighting, task and ambient Color Materials, texture and durability Functionality Finally, Be sure to address whether the addition or renovation is conjunctive or disjunctive in relation to the following article attached
ANALYSIS OF LIBRARY ADDITION In no more than five typewritten pages, double-spaced and illustrated, select a library addition of no more than approximately 10,000 square feet. (This square footage is only a guideline; your actual choice can be somewhat smaller or somewhat larger.) In a brief introduction, indicate the name of the library, whether it's a branch or a main library, the parent institution (if any), date(s) of construction (i. e., original building and addition/renovation), architect(s) (both original and addition/renovation), and location.
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