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Literary analysis/Interpretation due 6/27/18 due at 11 am

MLA format, 4 sources, Works Cited page 1,000-1,200 words not including the Works Cited Writing about Literature 1. Not a summary of the story 2. Literary Interpretation/Analysis: to provide insight and understanding of a key idea, character, or symbol. FOCUS ON ONLY ONE IDEA 1.Support the thesis and points with: A.Details from the story. Add the page number where the detail is found. B. Scholarly sources. Signal phrases and citations. Avoid: Wikipedia Sparks Notes Enotes Cliffs notes helium Schmoop Use professors, scholars, experts. .edu .org Reputable institutes -Literature is an art form—art must be interpreted For writer : read “Hills Like White Elephants,” Ernest Hemingway PDF 4 pages Summary: Reading the lines of the story Interpretation: Reading between the lines of the story “Hills” Topics: symbols, character analysis, setting, gender issues Thesis statements: The American manipulates the girl because of his gender, social status, and nationality. In “Hills Like White Elephants,” Ernest Hemingway uses carefully constructed dialogue to show how the American manipulates the girl, revealing his power or control of the relationship. Hemingway: a master of details/dialog Supporting Points: 1. Knows Spanish 2.Orders drinks 3.American No other nationality is mentioned “American” is the center power/prestige/privilege 4.“girl” as a mere companion, not taken seriously “Jig” dance playful object player/pimp fling Contrasted with a mature woman young indecisive Foreign/other/different Girl/young/controllable Sexual toy Objectified property not a contributor to the relationship Use the author name, According to Paul Rankin, “xxxx.” According to Gale Iceberg principle dialog 10% above surface Loads details with meaning/significance 1.Avoid Shifts. Write in 3rd person. Do not use “you” “I” “We” 2. Eliminate contractions: can’t don’t won’t 3.Get rid of slang: ridiculous stuff things get/got a lot of crazy messed up lit legit 4.All quotations require signal phrases: According to Johnson, “ “ Such as xxxxxxxxxxxxx, such as xxxxxx Avoid: such as, such as; such as: Not only . . . . . . but also These work as a pair. 1. Avoid comma-splices: using a comma as a period. Use a semicolon (;), a FANBOYS pattern , and , but , or Colon (:) Change one of the sentences to a dependent clause: When If Since Because Unless Until After Before As While Wherever 1. important notes to writer : you have to use the thesis provided but re word it. teacher uses a plagiarism software. must be finished by 6/25/18 at 11 am
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