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Would you have been a Patriot or a Loyalist in 1776?

Topic: Would you have been a Patriot or a Loyalist in 1776? **Examine the topic carefully with what you have learned. Think about if you had lived during that time and considered yourself a British subject, would you have been for revolution or against it? There are many reasons for both sides! (don’t automatically think you would have been a Patriot because you are currently an American! Really put yourself in their shoes…your reasoning needs to be well-thoughout) Paper Requirements: Length: 2-3 pages (this means a MINIMUM of two FULL pages, not including the title page or references page). It is best to go over onto the 3rd page to avoid not meeting the page requirement. References: Paper must cite at least 2 primary sources and 1 secondary source. Feel free to cite more. Please write as follows: Introduction paragraph that provides a brief overview of the topic and ENDS with a specific thesis statement that makes your position apparent (because this is a first person personal essay prompt, you may use first person voice (I, me). Please underline your thesis statement. Sample thesis: - If I had lived in the American colonies in 1776, I would have been a Patriot/Loyalist because _________________________. Then list your reasons ( at least 3). Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph should provide and explain a reason for your position - preferable the ones listed in your thesis statement. Make sure to use examples and short quotes from your sources to validate your opinion. Conclusion paragraph: Your final paragraph should summarize the main points of your paper and restate your thesis in a slightly different way. Do not introduce any new info in the conclusion. References Page: Please cite your references page in APA format on a separate page after your paper. Make sure to also cite them within your paper when you use info from that source.
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