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College tuition cause students to go into debt and affect their livelihood

So my topic would be college tuition cause students to go into debt and affect their livelihood. My argument would verify a way to prevent college students from going into debt is by making college free for students. Your annotated bibliography will be formatted according to the current convention. (See Annotated Bibliography Module for help with this.) Between 4-7 sentences per source You must be able to EXPLAIN THE SOURCE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. That is the basis of your annotation (or "summary" of the source). Your annotations are not to include direct quotes from the source, nor are you allowed to use the abstract or summary already provided by the source. Do not risk being flagged for plagiarism with this assignment! Just put the summary in your own words. You've already looked at the source, evaluated it, and determined it can be used for your paper, right? Now, tell me about that source and how you plan to use it in your paper as support for your claim or subclaim or reasoning. You need to use nine sources, but this time you choose which sources you will use. There is no set number of articles from the academic databases or internet. Keep in mind that while we are focusing on pathos with this particular paper, you will still need to have ethos and logos in your paper, so the sources you select are of utmost importance. You can also select other options for sources, including the interview, a survey, a film or other media recording, government documents, etc.
So my topic would be college tuition cause students to go into debt and affect their livelihood. My argument would verify a way to prevent college students from going into debt is by making college free for students. Your annotated bibliography will be formatted according to the current convention. (See Annotated Bibliography Module for help with this.) Between 4-7 sentences per source You must be able to EXPLAIN THE SOURCE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
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